Handicapped condition is not OK!

If you google the term “handicapped,” the result will be hundreds of pages about the word “disability.” Why? Because handicapped refers to the condition in which the person has a physical or mental disability and due to that disability, the person cannot execute many normal daily activities or do those jobs are a challenge to the person. Handicapped is an offensive term, so the term “disability” or “people/person with a disability” is the better choice to use for this group of people.

Handicapped is a term for those people who accept their condition and do not want to change it. In other words, people will decide what they want in life and who they are and if they believe that they are disabled, and they cannot do anything! This attitude is just for weak people. Heroes think differently! They might face some challenges in their daily life, but the hero is the one who makes a way to pass through the obstacles.

The handicapped situation can create challenges.

There many challenges which people with special needs may encounter in their life. Some of these challenging situations are as follow:

  • Experiencing social isolation and emotional stress
  • Experiencing the different behavior in family
  • Doing physical activities with difficulty and slower speed compared to others
  • Having a problem with moving things around
  • Unable to afford medical care or support
  • Expensive needed tools for such a handicapped situation
  • Some might require a person to do their daily and routine things like bathing, feeding, clothing, etc.
  • Some might suffer from a lack of self-confidence
  • Lack of audiobooks for people with hearing impairment
  • Lack of books or other sources in Brail for the people with vision impairment

These kinds of challenges are just for the daily life of a person with a disability. There are social barriers and transportation barriers like:

  • Many organizations do not employ people with disabilities
  • Many youths with handicapped situations do not finish high school or do not have any motivation to continue their studies at the university or college level.
  • The income is not significant in some offices or organizations.
  • Children with disabilities experience more violence at schools
  • Many buildings don’t have a particular way for entrance suitable for handicapped condition
  • Public transportation is nor convenient, especially for far distances

The good news about all unfair situations against handicapped conditions is the disability rights that protect people with disabilities and their rights just the same as all other citizens in that society.

Don’t forget about the challenges which Corona Virus caused for disabled people. These challenges need to take severe actions and care. To read more about COVID 19 challenges which people with disabilities can face, click the link below:

Disability is nothing to fear.

The person who can wing to the condition and make it worst, accept it, and follow the dreams based on that situation. Being handicapped or disabled is not a scary scenario. The scary part is to have a disability and to do nothing. We talk about taking actions, taking roles. Just surf the net and see how many people with handicapped situations are doing great things in the whole world. Daily physical activities are essential. We are talking about more important things which give you vital roles in the community.

Do you have problems with your legs? It doesn’t matter. There different facilities for you to walk normally. Do you have a problem with your eyesight? It’s not very important. Is there anything you wish to do? Find the needed tool or way to do what you want to do. What do you like to be? Be a writer or consultant? Or maybe you like to be a doctor. What do you think of being a sportsman or a sportswoman?

There are hundreds of sports and parasports for handicapped situations. RaceRunning and its classification parts 1 or 2 or 3PetanqueBlind FootballBlind TennisBocciaCrolfCroquetGoalballTorballPowerchair FootballShowdownPolybat, and many other sports are suitable for people with handicapped or disabled situations.

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