Torball is a game developed in the 70s for blind and low vision athletes.

It is a fast-moving team sport for visually impaired persons that suits men and women of all ages alike. There are lots of facilities in this game for rehabilitation activities as well as leisure, school and top-level sport.

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It is played on a rectangular field 16 meters long and seven meters wide. In the middle of the field are placed three ropes with bells at 40 cm high from the ground. In the defense areas of the teams, three mattresses (2mx1m) are placed on the floor where the three players of each team are positioned


The goals are placed at the ends of the field and have the dimension of the entire end line of the field 7m with a height of 1.3m

The ball weighs is 500 grams, pumped up with air and has an internal sound device which is one of a special feature of the game.


Torball is a speedy and dynamic game. It is enormously popular, especially in countries in Central Europe and in Latin America. It is also played on the other continents, in Asia, Africa, and Oceania.

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The current official rules for Torball can be downloaded from the International Blind Sports Federation website.