Polybat in Portugal

Polybat was created in the 1980s in the United Kingdom and brought to Portugal in 2016. Initially created to answer people with cerebral palsy, today, it plays by everyone! People with or without disabilities from 6 to 96 years old participate in tournaments organized by the Portuguese Federation of Sport…


Polybat Classification

Classification System As in other modalities, in Polybat, athletes compete according to the sport classifications or by area of ​​disability. Competitive classes: • Division 1: Players in a wheelchair with a minimal range of motion have difficulty recovering their vertical position after hitting the ball. Difficulty covering the entire width of the table,…



Polybat, or side table tennis, as it is also known, was created in England in the mid-1980s. The activity emerged as a recreational alternative for those who did not have the profile of Boccia and could not practice conventional Table Tennis. The characteristic profile includes those who have muscular dystrophy,…

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