What is Table Cricket?

Table Cricket is a game for everyone to play and enjoy – young or old, disabled and non-disabled – and is a great way to teach the basic cricket rules, all on a tabletop. Table cricket is an adapted version of cricket, played on a table tennis table, and specially…


Polybat Classification

Classification System As in other modalities, in Polybat, athletes compete according to the sport classifications or by area of ​​disability. Competitive classes: • Division 1: Players in a wheelchair with a minimal range of motion have difficulty recovering their vertical position after hitting the ball. Difficulty covering the entire width of the table,…



Polybat, or side table tennis, as it is also known, was created in England in the mid-1980s. The activity emerged as a recreational alternative for those who did not have the profile of Boccia and could not practice conventional Table Tennis. The characteristic profile includes those who have muscular dystrophy,…



Petanque is a Southern European form of boules that are traditionally playing with metal balls on a court of either gravel or hard dirt. Petanque is a tactical precision game where the goal is to place your balls closest to the target ball, known as the jack while keeping your…

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Crolf / Krolf

Crolf is a sport that could describe as a mix of croquet and golf. The sport was invented in Denmark and could play with the same equipment as for croquet; mallet and a ball, the gameplay is similar to that of golf, putting the ball into a hole. The sport…

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Torball is a game developed in the 70s for blind and low vision athletes. It is a fast-moving team sport for visually impaired persons that suits men and women of all ages alike. There are lots of facilities in this game for rehabilitation activities as well as leisure, school and top-level sport. It is…


Powerchair Football

Powerchair football (or Power Soccer ), the most popular sport for power wheelchair users around the world, was created in France in 1978.  With steady growth, the sport is now played in over 25 countries, with more joining every year.  For more on the history of this wonderful sport, visit…



Showdown was designed in 1977 for people with a visual impairment and it is a sport that could be played recreationally and/or competitively without sighted assistance. The equipment Showdown needed is the specially designed table, two bats, a particular ball with sound, and a special glove for the batting hand…



Croquet is a great sport that is playing in many different forms. It is played on grass with mallets and balls made of wood or plastic. Serious croquet is playing at the international level, Every player has their ball, and the objective of the game is to hit the ball…


Blind Football

The IBSA World Games (formerly IBSA World Championships and Games) or World Blind Games are an international multi-sport event, occurring every four years, organized by the International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA). The events enable blind and partially sighted athletes to compete in a number of sports. The first event took place in Madrid, Spain in 1998.   Blind Football, China vs Korea…

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