4 Race Running (Frame Running) Amazing Advantages That we should know!

The Amazing Race Running/ Frame Running has a wide variety of benefits for the users. It may sound strange, but Race Running does not just help improve the physical condition; it allows its users’ mental health. Based on research, 12 weeks of training with the Race Runner bike increases the CP children’s ability to use the bike, enjoy, and have fun easily.

The four main advantages are as follow:

Race Running/ Frame Running Technical Advantages

physical disabilities - cp
physical disabilities – cp
  • This sport gives the chance to become an athlete, while the person has problems with legs and running sounds hard.
  • Because of the shape of the bike, it decreases the user’s weight on feet.
  • Less pressure on the feet allows the user to move more quickly and faster.
  • Regular practice improves the balance and coordination of the brain, muscles, bone, and body organs.

Race Running /Frame Running Physical Advantages

  • Racerunning / Frame Running teaches new skills to users.
  • It causes an increase in the focus ability on specific movements of the different body parts.
  • Weight control, improving balance, strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular health are other technical advantages of Race Running /Frame Running.
  • As this sport is mainly invented for CPs, regular training improves stamina and increases skeletal muscle hypertrophy in young CPs.

Race Running /Frame Running Psychological Advantages

  • Increasing self-confidence and well-being by taking part in regular training courses with teammates.
  • Improving thinking creatively, learning actively, and judgments skill.
  • Reduction of depression and anxiety risk among Race runners. 
  • Improving sleep problems by regular activities
  • Making good feelings around teammates and friends. 
  • Making new friends among teammates and enjoy the great sense of friendship
  • Increasing skills and motivation due to the positive competition among friends and teammates
  • Using the RaceRunner bike makes the person skilled and independent in most cases.

Race Running Social Advantages

  • Making new friends keeps the people social, and every individual needs to be social to prevent isolation and depression.
  • Spending time with friends is necessary for mental health and happiness
  • Being social gives lots of opportunities to the person

Enjoy life with a stunning Race Running Frame

Why should RaceRunner be used?

After all, these features about race running help users have an enjoyable life with friends and teammates; this Frame allows them to be self-confident enough to walk or run independently. It improves their physical and mental health. It increases the strength of the joints, muscles, and flexibility of the whole body; why not buy a RaceRunner bike right now?

Race running bike also called a RaceRunner or RaceRunner Frame, is a gearless three-wheel frame invented in Denmark in the 1980s. Mansour Sadiqqi was a CP person who tries to initiate RaceRunning in DK.

 Over time, technical problems were fixed in RaceRunning based on the users’ needs, and a new classification system was set up for it; and step by step, other countries warmly welcomed this sport and helped spread it out. Here are some reasons that having a RaceRunner is useful for you.

Racerunner features

  • The RaceRunner is available in all different sizes from XS to XL, which is proper for children and adults. 
  • It’s a frame that helps users keep their balance while they’re running or walking.
  • This Frame has one wheel in front and two wheels in the back because of safety and balance.
  • Steering handle ensures the ability of the athlete to race and move safely.
  • Customizable Chestplate with different sizes and safety straps or orthopedic brace will use when the user needs to strap for more safety.
  • Using a helmet is necessary for all users of all ages because of safety.
  • Drop link saddle can help the wheelchair user to get ON and OFF much easier.
  • Quick-release wheels help you set up the Frame quickly and fast also store in in min space.
  • Self-centering Handlebar provides you the best customize the length from your shoulder to Handlebar. 

It would be better to use the Lighter Frames rather than heavy versions to move faster and easier with less pressure on the legs and movement patterns.