What makes athletes different?

What do you think of being an athlete? How much do you know about athletes‘ lives differences compared to other people? Do you think that being an athlete is being like a superhero? Well, the fact is that heroes are not supernatural people. They are just ordinary people with motivation and goals. They know what they want to be and put themselves in the right way. Being an athlete doesn’t need to be a different person with perfect situations in every aspect of your life. Whoever you are, with any physical condition and any situation in your life, can be an athlete. 

How to live like athletes?

Do you have dreaming of becoming a hero? Do you think your body makes some restrictions on you? Leave all negative thoughts because they all stop you from reaching your goals. Do you like to be a RaceRunner? That’s great. Just set your goal and try to be a RaceRunner.

Being like athletes is not easy. When you think of your limitations, you’ll never succeed. Accept who you are and know your abilities. Do you have special physical conditions? It’s ok. Never forget about Stephen Hawkings, the English disabled Theoretical Physicist. He couldn’t even talk, but he changed the world of physics. Are you so disabled that you can’t also move? Ellie Simmonds,  Greg Polychronidis Put negative thoughts aside and fight for the good. Do you decide to be an athlete?

Athletes lifestyle

Do you have any information about an athlete’s lifestyle? What do they eat or how they trained? How much they rest, or how much do they sleep?

There’s a point you need to know. All athletes can’t have the same lifestyle because every person has his or her conditions. Reading or watching about others helps us to get familiar with this world and decide better. Do you have enough motivation to win the ring with all ups and downs, or you are just interested in a fantasy world of being an athlete? 

Take your decision

Choose the sport you want to be such the athletes in that field.

Read a lot about that sport, ask from sportsmen and sportswomen about that sports field, watch matches, and gather enough information about what you are up to do.

Find a great coach or trainer who helps you to achieve the target. 

Have an individual plan for yourself.

Never let fatigue and small failures or even negative attitudes get you off track. 

Never let other people judge you by your physical conditions. 

Try to be your best, and try hard to visible your abilities.

Make your body ready

Be careful about the healthy diet. Drink water all day long, even when you are training because the muscles need water to be healthy. Watch for calories from Protein, Vitamins, Carbohydrates that you use in different foodstuffs. Fruits are your body fuel to stay safe. Never stop using them. Strictly avoid very delicious greasy foods, junk foods, fast foods, and fatty foods. 

Athletes, like other people, need 6 to 8 hours of sleep at night. Try to have a sleeping time at night and wake up time in the mornings.

Train as the trainer tells you to make sure you are doing fine and prevent yourself from injury. 

Have a programmed plan for training hours and the days you are in or outside of the gym or club, as athletes do.  

Make your body get used to training because this is what athletes do. Pieces of instruction must be a habit of your daily life, and not just a MUST DO.

Live athletes life

Stand in front of a mirror every day, tell yourself that you are a grand champion and can do better. Praise yourself because of your improvements and try to see how much you are getting better than your first day of starting this fight. You had made a heroic life for yourself when you decided to make a tremendous positive change.  

Being disabled is not a good reason to separate yourself from society. A human being is a social creature, and we all need each other in the world. Live like athletes with no shame on who you are or what your body condition is. Nothing can stop you from reaching your goals if you have any goals in your life. You are more powerful than what you think of yourself. So, why not living life as athletes? Never forget that athletes are not different people. They are just people with goals, habits, and programs. 

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