Can you call yourself an athlete?

What images come to your mind when you hear the word athlete? A RaceRunner? A Goalball player? A blind football player or a Boccia player? What do you know about being an athlete and their lifestyle? 

Who is an athlete?

A person who competes in one or more sports, which needs speed, endurance, and physical strength, is called an athlete. Just doing sport is not enough, and it needs time, training, athlete diet and efforts to make the body and mind ready for doing different sports. Some people are naturally prepared to do particular sports, and they improve in that field so quickly, but it is not enough. Their love for the competition is just like a trigger, but extensive physical training and strict exercise accompanied by a strict dietary regimen is needed.  

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On the other hand, some other people are just interested in a particular sport, and they need to train hard to succeed. And off course, having a schedule and a proper diet plan should not be forgotten. 

Why do you want to be an athlete?

Have you ever thought that why are you trying to be an athlete? Just thinking of being an athlete is not enough, and you need to know how to be an athlete. The best thing you can do is try to be right in this way. 

How to be a great athlete?

First of all, you must set a goal for yourself. Why do you want to be in the athletes’ world?

The next step is to read and gather information about the sport you think you are interested in. Everything is beautiful and comfortable when you read in newspapers, magazines or watch on TV shows. When it comes to real-world out-of-paper and TV shows, there is a complicated process behind the scene! Not everyone who plays with a ball is called a Goalball player! Or, a Racerunner is not the one who runs in parks or around the house. 


So, it is essential to have enough information about the sport that you are interested in. Try to watch the players’ training sessions and talk to them if it’s possible to see what happens behind the scene. That will help you to make a better decision for the rest of the way. 

Have you made up your mind? Now it’s time to practice! Try to find a well-known club or stadium and work with an experienced coach carefully. We have always been told that doing exercises necessary for our body, mind, and health, but exercising out of principles may cause severe damage to our body. So, doing exercise step by step under the supervision of a trainer or a coach is vital. 

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Having an individual training program is necessary. You are not in the gym, stadium, or sports club for your lifetime. The time in there has limitations. For being a good athlete, you have to have an individual program for training. The coach trained you before, and now you know how to prepare well by yourself. Try to make the best program and use the best of your time for your training. 

It’s essential to be on time. Have a plan for your time, and try to do your exercises at a particular time every day. Have an idea for sleeping time because sleeping well keeps your body fresh and healthy. 

To strengthen the body, enough sleeping, a healthy diet, and doing exercise are necessary. Never neglect a healthy diet as an athlete. Junk food is delicious enough to deceit us. But junk food is strength killers for the body. 

Everybody has their problems in life. Try to be focused on what you are doing at that moment. Never let your mind to distract easily during the training. Take your energy and control your mind. Whenever you think you are not focused enough on what you are doing, ask yourself about your goal, which you are trying for that goal at that moment. 


Thanks to technology, being an athlete is possible and easy for anybody with any physical situations. Take a look at the Paralympic Games on the Internet. You can see the great athletes there that change the meaning of being an athlete during history. There are plenty of great sportsmen and sportswomen around the world who play Blind Tennis, Blind Football, Torball, RaceRuning, Goalball, and other sports as well as other players. 

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Do you have special physical situations, and yet you want to be a great athlete in a particular game? Be with us in our next articles. We’ll help you accept yourself, enjoy who you are, and do what you like. Being ourselves is a great way to enjoy our life.

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