People with disabilities and Corona Virus (COVID-19)

Corona Virus is a harmful virus which makes no difference from people. It attacks not only older people but also youth or even children. People with disabilities are not unique, and the danger of this virus threat them too. Here is some point to help people with special needs to protect them from this danger these days. People with disabilities are very vulnerable, so they must learn how to protect themselves. Their families and friends must try to protect them too.
People with disabilities may in more risks because of touching aluminum devices or hand tools to find directions. There are some points for people with special needs like spinal cord injuries, cerebral palsy, and MS to keep them safe.

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  • This little virus can cause colossal trouble or harm everyone for the rest of life.
  • Never forget to use MASK, GLOVES, and disinfectants, especially when you are out of home or in crowded places.
  • Never share your mobility tools and vehicles with others.
  • Disabled people with mobility aids should avoid unnecessary traffics.
  • Disinfect all the necessary mobility vehicles continuously after each traffic.
  • If disabled people sometimes need help, it is ok to ask someone to help them to speed up their work. Anyway, it’s Corona time and no time for killing!
  • Don’t use it from public handles if it is possible. If you have to use them, use gloves or, at least, use a piece of tissue.
  • Because of Coronavirus’s high transmission power on aluminum surfaces, using gloves and disinfectants for wheelchairs and aluminum cane is necessary.
  • Use e-payments and e-wallet services instead of bank cards and cash.
  • Use e-malls to buy what you need instead of going to malls and stores.
  • If you have to go out for a doctor, physiotherapy services, or other necessary things, never forget to use the health and safety protocols.
  • Try to stay at home and spend your time on what you need if you don’t have to go outside.
  • Don’t scare of Coronavirus. It’s not harmful if you know how to treat it.
  • Wash your hands regularly and use moisturizers to protect the skin from dryness and skin sensitivities.
  • Watch out your diet. A healthy diet keeps the body safe and robust to disabled people.
  • In case of absence or selling in high prices of health products, gloves, masks, and disinfectants for disabled people or other people with special needs, contact the related organization or Welfare Organization to deal with them through the law.
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Don’t forget to update yourself with WHO advice for people with disabilities and the latest news by checking the WHO website.

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