Make the world a better place for the disabled.

Have you ever face a disabled person around in a family or neighborhood? Do you know anything about their problems? How do people with physical impairment face their challenges? How much do you know about their lives? Who is called a disabled person?

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In general, a disabled person is someone who has physical, mental, cognitive, or even developmental impairments or limitations. Paralysis, spinal cord injury, disability and mobility impairment, blindness, and deafness are all examples of disability. To other people, the disabled have a different life, but the fact is that these people have the same rights to live as all of humankind. Just because of their physical condition, they have some other priorities. 

There is some point about people with disability’s lives:

  • More than one billion disabled people live around the world
  • In some countries, they have not an ordinary life. It’s a great help to find them and find out their problems.
  • Society make some issues for the people with disabily
disabled people

In some cultures, people forget about the disability rights and treat them very differently. The result of that kind of treatment creates a sense of being ignored by society. 

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” The people around the world should respect the disabled people and accept them as official citizens of society. Their citizenship rights should be respected ”

– People with disability need that others understand their conditions

Some people can’t understand the situation in which a disabled person faces. They may ask for something beyond their physical abilities, which makes them feel so bad about themselves. 

– Meeting with people who think to do a small thing by a person with disability, is a miracle

Among all people on this earth, some believe that being disabled means being limited in every dimension. In their eyes, a disabled person can’t do any of their things. They start with these kinds of sentences: “I know you can’t, but let me help you please,” “this may bother you, let me help,” “let me do this for you.” These cruel kind of phrases ruin self-esteem and annoy people with special conditions. 

Disability is not a limitation. If we look at the history of these people, we can see the athletes and heroes among them, which has changed the meaning of being disabled. Can you believe that people with disability can play Football, Basketball, Tennis, Petanque, Crolf, Croquet, RaceRunning, or Torball as easy as all people play? 

Blind football
Blind Football, China vs Korea

– Make the city a better place for people with physical impairments to live, for example:

  • Make traffic easier
  • Make the buildings’ doors adjustable for crossing the wheelchair and power wheelchair
  • Make a particular way near the stairs for disabled people
  • Make suitable bridges in cities where it’s necessary
  • And so on

Disabled people are a human being like others. This is important to treat them as the other citizens to make them believe that they are effectively part of society. Every human being can be useful in the community if we remind them because they worth it. 

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