Amazing RaceRunner (The RaceRunning Bike)

People of all ages use Running Frame (RaceRunner) for recreation, everyday mobility, and sport at all levels, It is available in Small, Medium, Large, X Large, RaceRunning has started from Denmark to other countries. like Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Poland, Canada, Finland, the USA, Australia, and Saudi…

Amazing RaceRunner (The RaceRunning Bike)
racerunner / racerunning

RaceRunning / Frame Running is a popular CP sport

RaceRunning (also known as Frame Running) is a sport designed for athletes with disabilities and balance impairments. Athletes use a running bike, called RaceRunner, which features a three-wheeled frame with saddle and body supports and no pedals. they should have the ability to steering the bike The RaceRunner bike allows…