Coronavirus and 6 tips for senior athletes’ safety!

These days nothing is more challenging than the coronavirus in the whole world. This infectious disease affects every person’s life on this earth from north to south and from east to west. Coronavirus was the reason to cancel many significant global events. Sports events are no exceptions.

This pandemic virus canceled the events like Six Nation Tournament (Rugby, Europe), World Indoor Track and Field Championships (Athletics Nanjing, China), Formula 1 World Championship Grand Prix (Motorsport, Australia, Bahrein, Vietnam, China, Netherlands, Spain), World Championships (Figure Skating, Canada), Tour of Catalonia (Cycling, Spain), NBA (Basketball, USA), Football Championships (League 1, England, Spain, Italy, etc.)

CHAN-2020 (Football, Cameroon), Paris Marathon (Marathon, France), Golf Masters (Golf, Augusta, USA), World Billiards Championship (Billiards, England), Boston Marathon (Marathon, Boston, USA), London Marathon (Marathon, England), Ice Hockey World Cup (Hockey, Switzerland), European Championships (Swimming, Budapest), French Open Tournament (Tennis, France), The Mediterranean Games Oran 2021 (Multi-sport competition, Algeria)

Tour de France (Cycling, France), Wimbledon Tournament (Tennis, United Kingdom), British Open (Golf, England), The World Athletics Championships (Athletics, Eugene, USA), and the most important even, Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games (Multi-sport competition, Japan).

WHO Corona Stats

corona and older champions

Corona is not a joke. According to the WHO reports, about 51.8M people around the world were infected. 34.1M people recovered, and about 1.28M people died because of this virus up to this moment. That is a tragic situation that needs a very emergency situation that requires strict hygiene and health care.

Washing hands, observing social distance, having a proper diet of nutritious food recipes, drinking enough water, Strengthening the body and immune system are the most critical issues of our lives these days. Coronavirus is the biggest threat to older people. Unfortunately, the most significant part of the death stats is about older people more than others. So, they should take reasonable and enough care of themselves because the corona is a real threat.

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Senior people, because of the aging situations, have a different body from young people. Their immune system is somehow weaker, their strength is not enough, and their body organs do not work properly. Their breathing system and lungs are not as strong as before, and this is a perfect situation for corona to have a place to grow and expand.

elderly sports
elderly sports – self-confidence

Corona safety tips for senior athletes

Senior athletes are no different from other people. They’re at risk of coronavirus just like others. Here are some tips for senior athletes to keep themselves safe from this virus:

  1. Hygiene Tips

 Using masks outside of the house or when they interact with others. Washing hands regularly, avoiding touching the mouth, nose, and eyes, using alcohol-based hand sanitizers when there is no soap and water, cleaning the surfaces like desks and doors, disinfecting mobile phones, keys, wallets. 

2. Interaction limitations

Older athletes should limit their interactions with friends and other people. There is no need to take part in parties and ceremonies in this tragic situation. Sometimes a voice call or a video call can be a great help for the people they missed. 

3. Physical Distance

Physical distance doesn’t mean social isolation and not having any interactions with others. Older athletes should stay away from conditions as well as people who are suspected of having coronavirus. Be aware that social isolation has depression, anxiety, and lack of self –confidence as consequences. 

4. Medical help

Arranging an appointment with a doctor and get a prescription online based on the person’s health condition is very important. Using medication for strengthening the body without the doctor’s permission is risky because each medicine has a different effect on each individual. Consulting a doctor before using any medication is necessary. 

5. Doing exercise

Older athletes should call their coach and make some plans for this period to stay at home. Doing exercises keeps them active and concern; it is a great idea to keep them healthy and fresh at home.

6. Doing Sports

While gyms and sports clubs are closed because of coronavirus, there are still some sports older people can do along with their body and health conditions. Go jogging, slow Running, Walking, Cycling, Yoga, RaceRunning, Tennis, Golf, Krolf, and many other sports are great for older athletes. 

Here is a note to consider doing sports shouldn’t be very crowded like football or Basketball. Senior athletes should consider hygiene tips such as wearing a mask, using alcohol, staying away from other people, and so on.
First of all, every individual is responsible for his or her life, safety, and health. All of us should take care of our responsibilities.