Crolf / Krolf

Crolf is a sport that could describe as a mix of croquet and golf. The sport was invented in Denmark and could play with the same equipment as for croquet; mallet and a ball, the gameplay is similar to that of golf, putting the ball into a hole. The sport is played at a recreational level by people of all ages and is particularly popular among senior citizens

The rules are simple, and you can play without any further ado. No need for speed, no need for strength, no need for years of training, but training does improve your game.


The course usually has 12 holes with distances from 5 to approx. 30 m with uneven ground and obstacles being encouraged.

indendørs krolf 2

Crolf is a very social sport with a lot of fun, and it’s perfectly suitable for the elderly because it’s so easy physically.

Read more about Crolf and find the rules Click here

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