Amazing CPISRA Frame Running / RaceRunning Classification,(Part 1)

The RaceRunning (also known as Frame Running) Classification is a functional system. The athletes are assessed in the RaceRunner to determine the practical use of their extremities operating the RaceRunner.

A bench test is also used to determine the type and degree of the motor and neurological problem.

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RaceRunning (Frame Running) is a sport open to athletes that can not functionally walk or have severely limited functional walking. The athletes with limited functional walking should not be able to participate competitively in walking track or field athletics.

The RaceRunning (Frame Running)athlete has movement difficulties due to the moderate/severe effect of spasticity, athetosis, dystonia, or ataxia. The movement difficulties result in reduced coordination and problems with isolated movements of the limbs.

The RaceRunning Classification System is independent and has no direct relationship with the CP classes.

The Classification System created and developed by Heinz Zwerina, Jim Little.

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