Croquet is a great sport that is playing in many different forms. It is played on grass with mallets and balls made of wood or plastic. Serious croquet is playing at the international level, Every player has their ball, and the objective of the game is to hit the ball through the course of nine hoops using as few strokes as possible.

Croquet equipment

The game is represented as a casual social game by millions of peoples around the world in gardens. These rules are the Official Rules of Garden Croquet as authorized by the World Croquet Federation. They allow for some variations and also for added complexity so that you can move from social garden croquet to more serious croquet.

Croquet is especially prevalent in Anglo-Saxon countries.

Kroket kan

Croquet is experiencing renewed interest as an exciting senior sport that can also be played indoors.

Garden croquet

The rules are easy to learn and the game can be played on lawns of almost any size but usually around 32 feet wide (9.8 m) by 40 ft long (12 m).

  1. The starting point for all balls is a spot three feet (0.91 m) in from the boundary directly in front of hoop 1.
  2. If a striker’s ball goes off, there is no penalty, it comes back on three feet (0.91 m) and the turn continues.
  3. In a croquet stroke, the croqueted ball does not have to move when the striker’s ball is struck.

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Golf croquet

In golf croquet, Each player takes a stroke in turn, each trying to hit a ball through the same hoop. The sequence of play is blue, red, black, yellow. Blue and black balls play against red and yellow. When a hoop is won, the sequence of play continues as before. The winner of the game is the player/team who wins the most hoops.


Golf croquet is the fastest-growing version of the game, owing largely to its simplicity and competitiveness. There is an especially large interest in competitive success by players in Egypt. Golf croquet is easier to learn and play but requires strategic skills and accurate play. In comparison with association croquet, play is faster and balls are more likely to be lifted off the ground.

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