10 CP Sport to make your life happier (part 1)

CP sports are related to those sports which are played by people with cerebral palsy. cerebral palsy is a group of neurological disorders which appears in infancy or early in childhood. The common reason of this, is the damage to or abnormalities inside the developing brain that disrupt the brain’s ability to control movements or balance abilities. These disorders may cause permanent effect on body movement and muscle coordination.

A few readable notes about CP

  • This disability problem is more common among boys than girls.
  • CP is more common among black children than white children.
  • About 75% to 85% of children have spastic CP which mean the muscles are stiff.
  • About 50% to 60% of CP children can walk with no help and independently.
  • Most CP is because of the brain damage before or during birth which is congenital CP.
  • Being born too small, being born too early and being born a twin or other multiple birth can increase the risk of Cerebral Palsy.
  • Cerebral Palsy is diagnosable during the first or second year after the birth.
  • By appropriate and enough support, people with CP can stay well, active and the great part of the community.

The goal of CP sports is to help people with cerebral palsy to be an active, healthy and an affective member of their community or their society.

What are the symptoms and treatments of cerebral palsy?  

CP Sports and how they are helpful?

Each sport is designed for some special reasons and there are thousands of different sports which play local, national or international. Most sports have special federation which supports and covers the needs of sportsmen and sportswomen. Some sports are designed for those people with disability or people with special needs and people with cerebral palsy are members of these groups.

Frame Football

frame football

Frame Football is one of cp sports which is designed for those athletes who require walking/gait training equipment. This game is an adapted football form which players use walker or walking frame to play the game and enjoy as other players. The central goal of this cp sport is fun and exercise and it can play on both grass or sports court such as handball court. The surface must be as smooth as possible which players feel comfortable while they are playing, especially children players.

This game had spread rapidly since 2014. Read more about Frame Football in paravidasport.

Table Cricket

table cricket

A kind of cp sports which everyone enjoys to play and have fun. This cp sport has no age-limitation and every person with disability or no- disability can take part in this game easily. This game is a chance to learn the basic rules of cricket on the table because it’s an indoor miniature version of cricket. This game originally was developed by Doug Williamson in 1990 in UK. This cp sport is designed for those cp people with severe physical impairments. During the time, this game developed and many countries welcomed the sport. Now, this game plays at schools, at homes, day centers and many other places.

Table cricket is played on a table tennis board or a surface which has similar dimensions. A spring loading machine is at one end of the board and at the end on the other side is a batsman wields a miniature wooden bat. There are paneled off with the option of placing symbolic fielders on the sides are on the other two sides of the board.



Swimming is one of CP sports which offers a range of opportunities for swimmers with cerebral palsy to learn how to swim from introductory sessions for a new swimmer. This process is through coaching and competitive galas and education courses.

Swimming have many benefits:

  • Saving self-life
  • Saving other people lives
  • It has less force on joints
  • It improves muscular strength and cardio fitness
  • It reduces anxiety and stress
  • The whole body, bones and muscles are moving on the water
  • It keeps the heart healthy
  • It keeps the person on shape
  • It keeps the person on the right weight
  • It increases the body flexibility
  • It helps to improve some balance disorders
  • It can be a total fun

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