10 CP Sport to make your life happier (part 2)

As mentioned in the latest article, each CP sport’s nature helps those with cerebral palsy. Cerebral palsy is a neurological condition caused by damage to the brain in childhood, and motor and movement disabilities are the most common impairment results. Physical impairment doesn’t mean not being able to move at all, and CP has different classifications. For more information about CP’s Classifications, click here. To get more information about symptoms and treatments, click the Cerebral Palsy article.

Different cp sports need special sports equipment and products for players with special needs based on their classifications and age. For example, a cp child who needs a wheelchair cannot use an adult wheelchair and vice versa. So, sports and games are held for each classification with proper equipment.

Every CP sport is a fun journey!

Each CP sport has its complexity and joy if the person knows what and why they choose to play that game. Some of the CP sports are as follow:



Any person can play a Paralympic sport with or without physical impairment, but this game’s nature is designed for severe cerebral palsy people. It’s an easy-to-learn game at the first level, but becoming a professional needs more time, practice, energy, and a high level of skills. This CP sport needs focus, and it is about control and accuracy, which is similar to curling or lawn bowling. Boccia is an indoor sport which can play head to head, in terms of three or in pairs. Or even as individuals. The court’s size is similar to the badminton court’s extent, including six throwing boxes that each box belongs to one player.


cp sport tennis 1

Tennis is another CP sport that is not just about fitness, training, and coordination. It’s also about social skills, friendship, and self-confidence. This game makes the player feel more independent. Tennis is a flexible game based on the condition and ability of the players. Mini tennis, low compression balls, smaller courts, wheelchair size, and cardio tennis are all different situations that can be chosen based on the players’ condition. Tennis is a cp sport which can be played even at home with family and friends. It’s enjoyable. Many clubs worldwide run exclusive sessions for wheelchair tennis, which is proper for people with cerebral palsy.


cp sport golf 1

Golf is a sport for all people of all ages, and thousands of golf clubs are all over the world. It’s an easy game that needs focus and precision. The aim is to hit the ball into the cup. This game can play individually or with a group and four players for around. It also can play up to 18 holes everywhere. It is an opportunity for CP patients to learn new skills, train, make new friends, and help their body health and flexibility.


cp sport gymnastics 1

Gymnastics is a sport which offers lots of benefits for the people who are interested in this sport. This sport is a perfect one for body flexibility and strengthens the muscles, especially for children through repetition and basic exercises and movements. Besides children with severe cerebral palsy, gymnastics is a beneficial sport for children and adults with cerebral palsy. Developing balance ability, body flexibility, body strength, well-shape body, and coordination are the advantages of the game.
Gymnastic may have some injuries, so exercising under the supervision of a coach is necessary. The more children with CP practice this sport, the better their performance will be.


Running methods in RaceRunning

RaceRunning was born in Denmark in 1991 at first, and then it developed during the time in different countries all over the world. The related tool is the Racerunner bike (Fram Running), invented by the famous Danish wheelchair athlete Connie Hansen and Mansoor Siddiqi.

Racerunner bike is a three-wheel bike that has no pedal or gear. The user should bend over the saddle of the bike and move the bike with the legs’ help by walking or running. This CP sport is proper for those with severe cerebral palsy and balance impairments.

How to buy a racerunner bike?



Cycling for CP children is a little different, and these groups may not ride traditional bicycles. By using adaptations, CPs can run a bike and enjoy the feeling of riding. The modifications based on the children’s needs are in different varieties and sizes such as Therapy Trikes, Handcycles, Adaptive Stationary Bike, Recumbent Bikes, Tandem Bikes, etc.
Cycling is an effective CP sport that engages the whole lower parts of the body. Besides the great active and enjoyable time with friends or family, it’s beneficial to train the body flexibility and muscles’ strength.

Ice Skating


Ice Skating is a self-propulsion of a person across a sheet of ice using a metal-bladed ice skate to glide on the ice surface, which is an exciting sport for CPs. This sport can play indoors or outdoors. Ice Skating history is back to 4000 years ago when the people intention was to save energy during the winter journey. Adding an edge to classical ice skates was invented in Dutch on is 13th or 14th. The popularity was increased during the time, and there were lots of clubs everywhere, and then it became an active and exciting sport.

This cerebral palsy sport is excellent for strengthening and endurance. It increases the balance skills that players will learn along the way. Ice Skating is an individual or in-pair game that needs a coach to learn the rules basically and decrease the risk of injuries.

It may look hard at first, but months of practicing and exercising with a proper coach and family support help the players experience standing on their own feet because their feet are getting stronger. It feels like being independent, which is a great feeling for every person to participate.
No matter how bad the cerebral palsy is, the important note is that there are always hobbies and CP sports to play and enjoy!