Does vision impairment or blindness affect doing sport?

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), vision impairment is a condition in which a person’s eyesight cannot be corrected to a “normal level.” Vision impairment is a functional limitation of the eye or eyes or the vision system, making some problems for the person. Some people think people with visual impairment cannot see anything, but this is not true. Vision impairment doesn’t mean blindness or not being able to see things.

There are different types of vision impairment that have different effects on people with visual impairment. These people may face some problems in their lives, but it doesn’t mean they cannot live their daily lives or cannot pursue their dreams. Some have the goal of doing some sports or being an athlete. Does it sound very strange or impossible? You are wrong!

People with vision impairment can make great athletes in sports like GoalballBlind footballBlind Tennis, Crolf, Swimming, Polybat, Rowing, Mountaineering, Showdown, Shooting, PetanqueTorball, Blind Chess, Blind Cricket, Blind Soccer, Audio Dart, etc. If you look at the history of Paralympic, you can find great athletes like Carlos lopes (marathon athlete), Jefinho (football player), Li Liqing (judo athlete), with blindness or partially sighted people.

vision impairment and following the dreams

Many sports rely on sights, but it doesn’t mean vision impairment or blindness stops you from following your dreams if your dream is to become a sportsman or sportswoman. It’s easy to find information about the sport which you are interested in. Before doing any game, it is necessary to talk to your medical doctor and eye doctor to make sure that doing sport is not a risky job for your eye, because some games may affect some eye problems and make it worse. So, make sure that doing sport is fine for your eyes.

There are different sources like books, journals, documentaries, interviews, and lots of online sources on the Internet, which you can use. Or you can find some athletes with blindness or vision impairment, coaches, or trainers to talk and gather information about that particular sport. Take enough time to get familiar with the game and then try to find a great coach or trainer.

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Whether you have a vision impairment or not, learning needs time, energy, and practicing hard. Remember that the key to succeeding in this way is to be patient. Have fun, and enjoy what you are doing!

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