Polybat in Portugal

Polybat was created in the 1980s in the United Kingdom and brought to Portugal in 2016. Initially created to answer people with cerebral palsy, today, it plays by everyone! People with or without disabilities from 6 to 96 years old participate in tournaments organized by the Portuguese Federation of Sport…

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Frame Running / RaceRunning Classification, Class RR3 (Part 4)

The Frame Running (also known as RaceRunning) In the Frame Running CPISRA Classification, Athletes with mild to moderate involvement in one or both upper extremities, fair to right trunk balance, and moderate involvement in the lower extremities are in class RR3. Athletes with moderate involvement in the upper extremities and…

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How Frame Running Classification system works. (Part 1)

The Frame Running Classification is a functional system(CPISRA). (also known as RaceRunning Classification) The athletes are assessed in the Frame Runner to determine the practical use of their extremities operating the Frame Runner. A bench test is also used to determine the type and degree of motor and neurological problems.…

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How much do you know about Frame Runner /RaceRunner?

People of all ages use Running Frame (RaceRunner) for recreation, everyday mobility, and sport at all levels; it is available in Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large; Frame Rinning has started in Denmark and other countries. Pro Large Size Like Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Poland, Canada, Finland, the…

How much do you know about Frame Runner /RaceRunner?
racerunner / racerunning

Polybat Classification

Classification System As in other modalities, in Polybat, athletes compete according to the sport classifications or by area of ​​disability. Competitive classes: • Division 1: Players in a wheelchair with a minimal range of motion have difficulty recovering their vertical position after hitting the ball. Difficulty covering the entire width of the table,…

Polybat Classification

How To Paly Polybat

Polybat, or side table tennis, as it is also known, was created in England in the mid-1980s. The activity emerged as a recreational alternative for those who did not have the profile of Boccia and could not practice conventional Table Tennis. The characteristic profile includes those who have muscular dystrophy,…

How To Paly Polybat

Introduce The Sky Blue Boccia Backpack

The new sky blue Superior Boccia backpack is made from polyester by Handi Life Sport. The Backpack has two packets, one in front, and another one is in the side to bring a water bottle or other necessary stuff, two adjustable and comfortable bands lets you carry the Backpack comfortably,…

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The secret of the Rainbow Ball!

The secret of the Rainbow Ball. Today we are writing about one of the impressive Paralympic Sport, which has many fans, Blind Football. In this post, we want to satisfy your curiosity about one of the equipments for this fantastic sport. Almost everyone can guess how the players identify the…

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