The secret of the Rainbow Ball!

The secret of the Rainbow Ball.

Today we are writing about one of the impressive Paralympic Sport, which has many fans, Blind Football.

In this post, we want to satisfy your curiosity about one of the equipments for this fantastic sport.

Almost everyone can guess how the players identify the location of the ball in the court, Yes! You are right! They are finding and following the ball through the sound. You may ask us how is it possible a ball makes such a clear sound that it would be easy for everyone to hear it in the football court?!

Rainbow ball
Rainbow ball

Well, here is a video produced by the “What is inside” team that shows what is the secret of Handi Life sport to provide the high-quality Rainbow ball, to become the official International Blind Sports Federation (IBSA) ball for Blind Football competitions.

In this video, you will find out the RainBow Ball is not a simple ball, and it has more inside than the air! Click on the video to knows more about this fantastic ball.