Frame Running / RaceRunning Classification, Class RR3 (Part 4)

The Frame Running (also known as RaceRunning)

In the Frame Running CPISRA Classification, Athletes with mild to moderate involvement in one or both upper extremities, fair to right trunk balance, and moderate involvement in the lower extremities are in class RR3.

Athletes with moderate involvement in the upper extremities and trunk with mild to severe involvement of the lower extremities are in this class.


• Mild spasticity, ataxia, dystonia, athetosis, or mixed neurologic involvement

• May be able to propel a manual wheelchair but not effectively. Able to walk with or without a device

Ability to isolate lower extremity movements

Those athletes with spasticity would have a grade1 or two on the lower limbs.

Frame Running Classification System is independent and has no direct relationship with the CP classes.

• Symmetrical or slight asymmetrical on-leg movements with good push-off. • Fair / good foot contact with the ground.

• Adequate steering and breaking with the upper extremities and usually without strapping.

• Hip/knee contractures may limit stride length at a fast pace.

• Athletes with athetosis may show a smoother movement pattern as their speed increases.

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