Amazing RaceRunner (The RaceRunning Bike)

People of all ages use Running Frame (RaceRunner) for recreation, everyday mobility, and sport at all levels, It is available in Small, Medium, Large, X Large, RaceRunning has started from Denmark to other countries.

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like Portugal, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, Sweden, Scotland, Poland, Canada, Finland, the USA, Australia, and Saudi Arabia.

RaceRunning is an athletic discipline where the athlete is running with his/her feet while using a RaceRunner.

RaceRunner is a three-wheeled running frame for support of his/her body.

The athlete has supported by a saddle and a body support plate while he steers the RaceRunner on the handlebars. Although it looks like a bicycle, it is a running frame with no pedals!

 The disabled runner may be affected by a combination of neurological, muscular, or skeletal problems; thus, the majority have cerebral palsy as the main problem.

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CP-ISRA organizes international championships in RaceRunning. Until now, the competitions are for RR 1, RR2, RR3. The distances have been 40M, 100 M, 200 M, 400 M, 800 M, and 3000 M.

In some countries, athletes with a non-CP diagnosis or CP with some particular conditions may compete locally within or in separated classes as RR 4 or RR A.

 A RaceRunning competition in Malmo Open Sweden.

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