Try a Frame Runner if you don’t want to stop!

Frame Runner like every tool or vehicle is invented because of solving a problem. There are millions of issues in the world, and there are millions of solutions for them. Running was a problem for those with cerebral palsy and the others who had problems with thewere ir feet or wheelchair users. Race runner was a solution. Mansoor Siddiqi invented race runner, a Danish athlete with cerebral palsy and a wheelchair user, to have a safer chair that the user could steer without breaking with the feet in the ’90s Denmark. 

Mansoor Siddiqi
Mansoor Siddiqi

The Running bike was an equipment for a sport called Frame Running or RaceRunning during the time. About 30 countries hold this sport as an international sport around the world. Frame Running has a more prominent role in Europan Union like Portugal, Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Nederland, Germany, Scotland and others plus Brasil, USA and Australia.

What is a Frame Runner?

FrameRunner is a custom-built frame with three wheels that causes more support for the runner’s balance and makes running more comfortable. This vehicle lets the user walk, jog, or run, which is not a special vehicle for just running. This equipment’s design is that users can use it indoors or outdoors, only needing a stable surface.

Frame Runner Pro Large Size
FrameRunner Pro Large Size

The low centre of gravity and frame is designed for good stability and poise while running or walking. The saddle unit counteracts lateral sway, and the user can take a short rest by laying on the saddle or go on the way with that position because the feet are free to move.

Frame Running is an active sport full of fun and enjoyment, which can happen with family, friends, or even on the sports field with teammates. 

What types does it have?

RaceRunning equipment is a custom-built frame that can cover every age and gender. There are different sizes of race runners for kids, juniors, and adults. And other parts are designed to fit the FrameRunner for different users based on their physical conditions.

Who can use Frame Runner?

As it was mentioned in previous blog articles before, CPISRA manages the CP sport internationally, including Frame Running. They have developed a classification system only for CP athletes with specific profiles. Besides being included in the CPISRA Games, Frame Running has also featured on the IPC and IWAS Youth Games program. As of 2018, Frame Running is a recognized Para-Athletics event; however, it is not currently on the Paralympic program.

The following classification is based on CRISPA had determined for the Frame Running and the people with disabilities who are eligible to participate in this amazing sport:

  • Hypertonia
  • Spasticity
  • Dystonia
  • Rigidity.
  • Ataxia
  • Athetosis/ Chorea

You can check the link above for more information about the FrameRunner eligibility.

How are the Frame Runner users classified?

race runner user classifications
FrameRunner user classifications

Frame Running classification is not limiting the FrameRunner users in competitions. The whole intention of classifying is to minimize the impact of impairment on the outcome of the competitions. How? Classification helps find the racerunner users’ sports abilities and levels and lets them compete with the people with the same conditions to have fair and balanced competition and outcomes. The three classifications of Frame running sport are as follow.


This group refers to those athletes with severe Severe involvement of lower limbs and trunk, ineffective leg propulsion, poor trunk control, and upper limb involvement.


The RR2 is about a group of athletes with Moderate involvement of lower limbs and trunk: asymmetry but more effective propulsion than RR1.


The RR3 group refers to those athletes with Mild to moderate involvement of one or both upper limbs and fair to reasonable trunk control. Good push-off and no startle reflex.

How does Frame Runner help?

race runner - advantages
FrameRunner- advantages

FrameRunning has lots of advantages for the users. A FrameRunner helps with physical, psychological, and social dimensions for the user.

Physical advantages of Frame Runners

Muscle strengthening, improving cardiovascular functions, increasing the flexibility and the coordination of the brain and the whole body, limiting balance disorders, and increasing the ability to travel faster and longer are all the physical advantages of the FrameRunner.

Mental and psychological advantages of Frame Runners

Equipment for recreational leisure, improving independence and self-esteem, increasing learning skills, judgment skills, and cognitive skills, and decreasing mental diseases like depression and loneliness by being with friends are some of the most significant mental and psychological advantages of FrameRunner and RaceRunning.

Social advantages of Frame Runners

Finding new friends and teammates, sharing ideas with friends, connecting to new people with the help of friends, finding the opportunities to take part in the greatest champions and competitions by finding related connections and proper ways, sharing the outdoor experiences with family members, and have fun together are the most significant advantages of Frame Running.

How does a Frame Running cost?

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