12 health condition dangers for people with disabilities (Part-1)

Living in today’s world without any consideration and planning is a significant risk for the health condition. The situation will be more difficult for people with impairment. Health is the most critical asset for every person, and everything else is the next priority. No health condition, no rest! There are five main dimensions of health: Physical, Emotional, Social, Spiritual, and Intellectual. According to WHO, health is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Most important and common health condition dangers

Every opportunity can be a significant threat if there is not enough consideration. Being healthy is necessary for every person in any physical and mental condition, but paying not enough attention may cause irreparable problems.

1-Physical activity

Physical activities are vital for peoples’ health, from kids to seniors, and there are no exceptions. Even animals need to be active for their survival. This is a proven issue in researches that stay active helps the body prevent certain diseases like some cancers, heart disease, diabetes, etc. Being active can also relieve depression and makes the mood better. Having physical activities is very important for people with disabilities’ health condition. Because keeping the body active, prevents muscle weakness. It also keeps the body fresh, energetic, and flexible.

health condition physical activity

Nobody expect a person with cerebral palsy to take a racerunner and move around a Goalball field so fast. Every person with a special need, should have the proper activities based on their physical conditions.

2-Nutrition and health condition

Eating habits are as important as being active. No food, no live! Eating habits are an important part of health condition. Everybody has the own eating habit which is different from others. Some people are allergic to some nutrition and that’s impossible to make a unit prescription of nutrition or diet plan, to all people. Some people need more carbohydrates than fiber in their diet because of their health condition. Some others need to prevent sugar in their diet because they are diabetics.

athlete food

The body says its needs. The best way to understand the body needs is to checking up with a doctor and having a special diet plan. Diet plan is more important when it comes to athlete food and athlete diet plan.

Having bad eating habits and don’t paying attention to the special diets, can make serious health issues to people. These issues can be such great problems when it comes to people with disabilities because of their bodies’ condition.

3-Overweight and obesity

Obesity and overweight are great problems which are able to increase the chance of dying of hypertension, coronary heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, osteoarthritis, sleep apnea, gallbladder disease, respiratory problems, breast, prostate and colon cancers. Besides, being overweight has bad effect on self-esteem which may cause the person depressed or anxious.

Obesity is a problem which can easily endanger the health condition. Visiting a doctor for checking up and make sure of the body health condition and getting a special diet is the best solution. Anyone with any physical condition may be at risk for obesity and overweight. Being careful about the weight is very necessary.

4-Environmental Quality

health condition environmental pollutions

The environment as well as obesity and activation, affects the health condition. Pollutions can put lives at risk and make serious problems. This risk is more danger for kids, elder people and people with special needs. These groups have many sensitive health conditions and their body can easily react to contamination.


Before 2020, influenza and pneumonia where at the top causes of death among people, especially the senior group. According to Worldometers, Corona Virus killed more than 1,550,000 people up to now in 2020 and the most deaths are senior people around the world.

Making body immune with vitamins and other substances which is needed, is very important. A body with a high immune system is less at risk for different diseases.

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6-Tobacco and health condition

Based on Euro-WHO reports, Tobacco use or exposure to tobacco smoking has a negative impact on health across the life-course. Tobacco is usually associated with non-communicable diseases like cancer, respiratory diseases, heart diseases, lung diseases, diabetes or may cause COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Excessive tobacco consumption, put the immune system of the body at risk of different diseases.

health condition tobacco diseases

Exposure to tobacco smoke, may damage blood vessels throughout the body quickly and makes the blood more likely to clot. This chemical substance damage the lungs and may cause permanent damages which reduce the ability of the lungs to exchange efficient air. Elder people and people with physical impairment are more at risk than the other people, because their bodies are at especial condition.

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