Petito foam sound ball (10 balls)


Soft PU material filled with the acrylic wool

App. 13 cm in diameter (not 100% spherical) –

App. 200 grams

Primarily indoor use

Note: Prices do not include 23% VAT.


Petito foam sound ball

Petito Foam is a soft and friendly little ball with rattling bells, well suited for everyone from small children to seniors.  The ball can be used in many kinds of play and games.

Petito Foam is manufactured from pure PU material and is filled with acrylic wool. The ball measures app. 13 cm in diameter; however, it is not 100%  spherical — weight app. 200 grams.

Advantages of Petito Foam:

  • The ball is soft and spongy and will not hurt anyone
  • It is is easy to throw or roll  – and easy to grab & hold
  • It has a pleasant rattling sound
  • It can be used in different indoor environments and is not in any way dangerous
  • Petito Foam is a multipurpose ball that can be used in many kinds of activities.

Petito Foam is primarily intended for indoor use. However, it is also fine to use the ball outdoors in dry weather.

Additional information

Weight 200 g